Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Double take

Like every other Sunday i started this Sunday off the way i start every Sunday , A cup of mint tea , A couple hits off a J , and onto the net to update myself on all my fellow Plus - Size bloggers . When i stumbled apon my fellow Canadian  plus size beauties of Flaws of Couture i notice that  half of the duo ,Gracia and I had the same idea of what made us sexy this weekend.

As people know great minds think alike and  in this case we  both thought , body-con skirts , lace ,and hints of blue . Gracia deiced to go wit more of a pop of blue rocking a blue body-con skirt from Forever 21and i did a black and white body-con also from Forever 21  , where as i did the hints of blue in my shoes , make - up and bag ( not shown in this photo), we both rocked lace button down shirts ,mine from Forever 21 and Garcia's from Rainbow and finished off with wedges , mine from urban planet and Gracia`s pair from Torrid and only $15 hahahahahah , had to throw that amazing deal in . and may i say Garcia you looked AMAZING !!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


OOOOMMMGGGG IM 25 !!!! I cant believe it , this weekend went great . It started off with a  birthday party which i discussed previously in a post a little back .i enjoyed music, dancing cake and  of course DRINKS with my closet friends and family. Overall the night was AMAZING !!

The outfit  came out better than i could have every asked for, i decided to wear a dress i had sitting in my closet for the last four years , i just had it  shorter and hemmed  , paired it with these clunky heels and the rest sorta fallowed ....

Dress and jacket -thrifted

Dress accent (DIY)/flower ring -borrowed from bestie/Bracelet-torrid/round ring/crown and earrings-ardene


clunky heels-urban planet 

The next day ( which was my actually bday ) i went to dinner wit a few of my friends . We dined at one of my fave restaurants Pickle Barrel inside the Yorkdale mall . We ate, we drank and and best of all we laughed !! i got amazing gifts that im so thankful for. I wanna thank everyone who came out this weekend and help we make it the best Birthday Weekend Ever . Xoxoxoxo

A pregnant Ail and Lala

Cosmo ,Grey Goose shot and Passion fruit Balenlli mmmmmm

Prawn and Lobster Alfredo 


It wasn't that funny Toya

Skirt -Forever 21 

Fur vest -H&M/Lace button down -Forever 21 /Tank -Forever21/Bracelet -gift

Shoes -Urban Planet

Thursday, January 19, 2012


One thing i hate is when i buy something at a store and as im leaving the mall or futher down the line i see the same item for half the price !!! Last night i was on my way to Aldo to pick up these fuchsia suede Calcagni wedges .Luckily i parked by the Urban Planet entrance and passing by in the window were the exact same wedges for more than half the price !!

Urban planet Calcagni wedge $25
Aldo "Calcagni" wedge $100

 this kinda find has me rolling my eyes 



On my way to my mom's house this week i got side tracked by what i call a "SLICE OF HEAVEN "  No it's not food !!! it was the National Canadian Thrift Store ..... like most fashion lovers i love to shop thrift and pair thrifted pieces wit modern pieces when putting together my outfits .Here are some of my buys that i picked up !

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Part of having a bday party is GIFTSSSSSSS Mhahahahahaahhahahaahaha !!!, so here are some of things i asked for my birthday

1. belted harem pants jumper
2. leatherette panel dress
3. Collared lace maxi
4. Rhinestone blouse 
5. Leatherette pencil skirt
6. sequins shimmer shorts - all from Forever 21

Next box
1.Geometric ankle boots -Forever 21
2.Lana purple flats -Torrid
3. Remmy black sweater trim boots -Torrid
4. Kara knee -high lace up boots -Torrid
5. Ritzy gold flats -Torrid 
6. Rhinestone oval bracelet -Torrid
7.Rhinestone lip earrings_Torrid
8.Patent bow flats -Torrid
9. Black rhinestone saddle ring-Torrid
10.Techicolor 3 finger ring -Honey B Gold

Let the unwrapping begin !!!!


SSsso  like i said Im 24 soon to be 25 , how soon u ask É , 9 days !! however my BIG BITCH party is exactly 1 week away ** bbm covering eyes **. im celebrating with one of our closet family friends who doubles as a big sister to me Ovie , she celebrating her DIRTY 30`s !!! combined were expecting 200+ guest to party the night away on the beautiful Vue Nightclub in the airport district of Toronto , normally people have there parties in the heart of Toronto club  scene downtown , BUT i,ve been one to fallow rules.

alongside this beautiful venue guess will enjoy , food , go -go dancers , on site picture man , and giveaways from some of Toronto`s talented up and coming designers like: Beaucoup , Coco Luxe  and Shoebox Mentality. My cake will be bake and designed by Rose of Rosemarie``s cakes a shop based out of Brampton. All and all it will be a great event filled wit well dressed guest
my cake
Shoebox Mentality snap back fitted

Beaucoup fall 2012

Coco Luxe 2011

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year

Im Krystle Chari 24 (soon to be 25yr old ) Hairstylist , Make up Artist ,Caterer and Event Planner .
 I``ve always wanted to start a blog to share all of my thoughts , ideas and creativity  !!!
so this Year i decided  to go for it !!!!!!!!!!
 Im Obsessed with FASHION !!!! i love to dress up any chance to wear a hot outfit im for it . I wanna share my thoughts and feelings about ``BIG GIRL FASHION ``...
i belive BIGGER IS BETTER AND less is MORE !!!! .
Confusing i know but that is who i am ..