Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Double take

Like every other Sunday i started this Sunday off the way i start every Sunday , A cup of mint tea , A couple hits off a J , and onto the net to update myself on all my fellow Plus - Size bloggers . When i stumbled apon my fellow Canadian  plus size beauties of Flaws of Couture i notice that  half of the duo ,Gracia and I had the same idea of what made us sexy this weekend.

As people know great minds think alike and  in this case we  both thought , body-con skirts , lace ,and hints of blue . Gracia deiced to go wit more of a pop of blue rocking a blue body-con skirt from Forever 21and i did a black and white body-con also from Forever 21  , where as i did the hints of blue in my shoes , make - up and bag ( not shown in this photo), we both rocked lace button down shirts ,mine from Forever 21 and Garcia's from Rainbow and finished off with wedges , mine from urban planet and Gracia`s pair from Torrid and only $15 hahahahahah , had to throw that amazing deal in . and may i say Garcia you looked AMAZING !!!!


  1. Omg I rate u krystal for showing these ladies out here that big is styll beautiful and u and ur friend put ur selfs togetther very well... Cheers to the both of u